COLORS                                                          Match Rating
R15WS	Satin Dark Cherry	WM801	Satin Dark Cherry	Excellent
B28W	Pearl			SB380	Pearl B28 - HG Ash	In Process
C46W	Dark Cherry		WM1522	Dark Cherry 46W		Very Good
R49W	White Ashwood Hi Gloss	SB101	White - HG Ash		tba
R50W	Natural Oak		WM799	Natural Oak R50		tba
R61W	Silver Ash      	WH654	Silver Ash		Good
R61WL	Silver Ash High Gloss	WG679	Silver Ash - Hi Gloss   Good
R61WS	Satin Silver Ash	WM1511	Satin Silver Ash	Very Good
R62W	Yellow Maple		WM802	Yellow Maple		tba
B64W	Caramel Spruce		WM803	Caramel Spruce		Very Good - TBI
B65W	Terracotta Birch	WM804	Terracotta Birch	tba
B66W	Orange Cherry		WH805	Orange Cherry		Very Good
B67W	Chestnut Cherry		WM806	Chestnut Cherry		Good
C71W	Ivory Wood		WM1721	Ivory Wood		Very Good
R76W	Pre Bleached Maple	WM1695	Pre Bleached Maple	Excellent
F97W	Pearwood		WM636	Pearwood F97W		Very Good
C91W	Blue Maple		WM884	Blue Maple		tba


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