SOLID COLORS							Match Rating
U002	Black			ST105	Black			tba
DS070	Hedgerow		ST171	Hedgerow		tba
W100	White			ST101	White			tba
U204	Dark Grey		ST151	Dark Grey		tba
U207	Light Grey		ST103	Folkstone		Close
W300	White			ST384	Starlight		Very Good
W400	White			ST101	White			tba
W500	White			ST101	White			Close
U607	Charcoal		ST459	Charcoal 607		Excellent
X621	Cove Green		ST460	Cove Green		Excellent
A920	Almond			ST284	Almond 920		tba

D001	Mahogany		WM590	Acajou Mahogany		tba
WX031	Pearwood		WM614	Pearwood 971		tba
A212	Sliced Red Oak		WM514	Sliced Red Oak		Very Good
WC421	Oiled Cherry		WM676	Oiled Cherry		Excellent
A600	Antique Oak		WM755	Antique Oak		Very Good
A601	Red Oak			WM1654	Natural Oak R50		tba	
B601	Beech			WM605	Amberwood DEW		Close
A602	Bleached Oak		WM675	Bleached Oak		Very Good
H602	Hard Rock Maple		WM544	Riviera Maple		tba
H603	Auburn Tulip		WM1567	Auburn Tulip		Very Good
A604	Ebony Tulip		WM643	Country Side		tba
H605	Mesa Pear		WM1615	Mesa Pear		tba
H607	Desert Maple		WM545	Desert Maple		tba
A614 	Fruitwood		WM1641	Fruitwood		In Process
G619	Bordeaux		WM741	Porto			Very Good
H623	Meridiax Pearwood	WM689	Meridian Pearwood	Close
H624	Miyuki Birch		WM677	Miyuki Birch		Very Good
A637	Burr Oak		WM1745	Burr Oak		Very Good
H637	Muskoka Maple		WM608	Muskoka Maple		Very Good
G638	Royale     		WM1556	Royale			In Process  
H641	Honey Maple		WM793	Honey Maple 641		tba
H643	Brentwood Cherry	WM882	Brentwood Cherry	Very Good
H664	Clairet			WM764	Clairet			tba
H679	Amber Cherry		WM1808-20 Amber Cherry		Very Good	
H681   	Gold Speck Maple	M1828	Gold Speckled Maple	In Process
H699	Sandy Creek Maple	WM688	Amber Maple		Very Good	 		 	
J815	Bleached Oak		WM675	Bleached Oak		Very Good
WM901	Natural Birdseye	WM1524	Natural Birdseye	Excellent
WW971	Gunstock Walnut 	WM588	Gunstock Walnut		Close
H1208	Ashburn Cherry  	WM1550	Ashburn Cherry		Good
H1232	Bartlett Pearwood	WM1610	Bartlett Pearwood	Excellent	 
H1233	Verona Cherry   	WM740	Brandy Cherry		Very Good
H1234	Lucca Cherry    	WM1542	Lucca Cherry		In Process
H1235	Baythorne Maple 	WM609	Anigre			Very Good
H1264	Pink Maple		WM1606	Pearl White		Very Good
H1266	Bleached Maple		WM540	Bleached Maple		Very Good
H1314	Swiss Pear		WM1610	Bartlett Pearwood	Excellent
H1331	Dunes Maple		WM738	Clear Maple 340		Excellent
H1400	Cabinet Maple		WM1641	Ber Maple II		Very Good

M619	Fog Dust		PM939	Fog Dust		tba
M1244	Napoli      		PM1942	Olive Legacy		Good
M1245	Milano      		PM1955	Bronze Legacy		Very Good

Foil	Daytona Oak		WM790	Daytona Oak		Good
Foil	Wine Meddler		WM791	Wine Meddler		tba
Foil	White Maple		WM649	Sugar Maple		Very Good



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