SOLID COLORS							Match Rating  
S406	Silver Grey		ST107	Dove Grey		tba
S414	Green			ST159	Green			tba
S417	Snow White		ST384	Starlight		Excellent
S439	Amazon			ST137	Victorian Teal		Very Good
S444	New Sand		ST1105	New Sand		Very Good
S488	Silver			ST122	Silver			tba
S499	Covert Grey		ST350	Covert Grey		tba
S506	Taupe			ST181	Taupe			tba
S542	Limousine Grey		ST180	Pewter			Very Good
S544	New Silver		ST163	Fashion Grey		Very Good

T226	Newport Green		ST389	Newport Green		tba
1403	White Pearl Wood	WM1716	White Pearl Wood	Very Good
1531	Gold Speckle		WM1532	Gold Speckle Maple	tba
1536	Natural Maple		WM621	Natural Maple 1536	tba
1439	Natural Lacewood	WM1651	Natural Lacewood	In Process	
1539	Architectural Maple	WM544	Riviera Maple		tba

P251	Sahara Chameleon	PM2965	Sahara Chameleon	Very Good
P935	New Age Green		PM1966	New Age Green		In Process
P458	Gilded Glaze		PM2975	Gilded Glaze		Very Good


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