New technologies require  materials, which are easy to use, and fast to apply. Thus allowing  a decrease in production time and reduces over all cost. This new demand and has inspired us to create "The Wood Sheet"  this is a veneer sheet available in  4 X 8 and 4 x 10  It is adhered  to a special paperback, sanded and "tenderised" this allows Shape wrapping of any surface, The wood sheet can also be used on very narrow radius, without post-forming.
HIGH FLEXIBILITY: It is possible to wrap any surface avoiding cracks and various breaks, typical of a traditional veneer sheet.
BACKING: The special backing, once applied, allows for perfect trimming without shaping. It makes a barrier from the moisture of the glue, removing possible problems during the painting phases.
CALIBRATION: The calibration allows a constant thickness across the surface of the sheet.
SANDING: It is already sanded and therefore allows direct staining if desired.
DIMENSIONS: 4 X 8 and 4 x 10 Other dimensions available upon request.
APPLICATION: Can be applied with any type of glue: PVA, PVU, Contact Cement.
STAINING: The wood sheet is compatible with any kind of stain; water base or solvent. It can be finished using UV Polyurethane or water base finish on UV line or spray.




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