At the plant engineering, evolution and planning never stop. The necessity of wrapping with veneer continuously has  previously a problem. We have the solution to take the veneer sheets and make master rolls of the wood sheet.
Thanks to an exclusive patent The Wood Sheet Roll was born, its allows to wrap all surfaces with maximum development of width of 4.



Technical features               
HIGH FLEXIBILITY: It is possible to wrap any surface avoiding cracks and various breaks, typical of a traditional veneer sheet.
BACKING: The special backing, once applied, allows a perfect trimming without shaping. It makes a barrier from the moisture of the glue, removing possible problems during the painting phases.                                          
CALIBRATION: The calibration allows a constant thickness across the surface of the sheet.
SANDING: It is already sanded and therefore allows for direct staining if desired.
DIMENSIONS:4 x  Length upon request.
APPLICATION: Can be applied with any type of glue: PVA, PVU, Contact Cement.
STAINING: Compatible with any kind of stain; water base or solvent. It can be finished using UV Polyurethane or water base finish on UV line or spray.




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